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April 27, 2006


David Woods

I have to disagree with part of your third point there.

Now, if you're hiring a designer then no, I don't think that terrific PHP or C# skills would help to balance out an otherwise mediocre design portfolio. But between two equivalent designers, go with the one with the development experience.

A designer who is also an experienced developer is going to have a much greater understanding of the limitations and flexibilities of HTML. For instance, I've never met an only-a-designer that develops liquid websites. They all ONLY develop fixed-width designs.

(They also don't understand repeatable background images. Don't ask me why.)

I also have another point to add:

beware the print designer. I've lost count of the number of projects where I've been given a design from a print designer and I've had to redo it. Sometimes it's really basic things that cause problems -- like when the designer takes the request for an 800x600 design as literally 800 by 600 pixels, not allowing for toolbars/menus/etc!

It also drives me crazy when I see a design from a print designer and the mockup copy is all anti-aliased. There are only fairly rare and sometimes unpredictable instances where non-Mac users see anti-aliased text in their browser -- so in my opinion, showing anti-aliased text in a mockup is misleading.

David Woods

(by the way, I've actually been getting your RSS feed for a couple of months now -- it's just an odd coincidence that you posted three topics in a single night that I just had to comment on!)


Good to see that someone else out there knows the difference between a "designer" and a "developer" :)

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